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Information provided by Ben Clarke.

Season One (1999)

1.01 [untitled]
The Moore family arrive at their new home, and Helen and Hannah rescue a stray dog, Speckle - their first furry friend.
tx 07 January 1999

1.02 [untitled]
The twins hope to keep Speckle but Danny Jones claims him, and Speckle runs away.
tx 14 January 1999

1.03 [untitled]
Hannah and Helen meet Solo, a beautiful white pony.
tx 21 January 1999

1.04 [untitled]
Hannah and Helen start the SOS campaign - Save Our Solo.
tx 28 January 1999

1.05 [untitled]
Hannah and Helen desperately try to raise more money to buy Solo.
tx 04 February 1999

1.06 [untitled]
The girls find a piglet.
tx 11 February 1999

1.07 [untitled]
The twins' mother is terrified when she discovers mice at the farm, so Helen and Hannah suggest that the family purchase a kitten.
tx 18 February 1999

1.08 [untitled]
Sheba, the farm's new kitten, is unwell - and so is Hannah.
tx 25 February 1999

1.09 [untitled]
The twins must return to Mrs Aysgarth's farm to rescue Speckle - even though they are grounded.
tx 04 March 1999

1.10 [untitled]
The twins agree to train an unruly old English sheepdog.
tx 11 March 1999

1.11 [untitled]
The school rabbit escapes when Hannah and Helen look after it - and there's a hungry fox about.
tx 18 March 1999

1.12 [untitled]
Hannah and Helen go pony trekking, with disastrous results.
tx 25 March 1999

1.13 [untitled]
Will Hannah and Helen find the cause of Sultan's illness in time to save him?
tx 01 April 1999

Season Two (2000)

2.01 [untitled]
When the twins are involved in a car accident with Mr Saunders's cattle truck, their father gets the blame.
tx 04 January 2000

2.02 [untitled]
The twins search for a witness to the accident as Mr Saunders puts pressure on their dad for compensation.
tx 06 January 2000

2.03 [untitled]
Troubles are piling up for Dad, so the twins decide they need to persuade Eddie to own up to causing the accident.
tx 11 January 2000

2.04 [untitled]
Sam is training his dog for the forthcoming horse trials. Luke has joined the cricket team.
tx 13 January 2000

2.05 [untitled]
The pet show draws visitors to Doveton but the twins become suspicious of Mr Walters and his hamster.
tx 18 January 2000

2.06 [untitled]
Helen is in competition with Sam for the dog trials. Hannah must find proof of the mystery hamster disappearance.
tx 20 January 2000

2.07 [untitled]
Twin goats Snip and Snap keep escaping.
tx 25 January 2000

2.08 [untitled]
Hannah pursues the goats, and Helen pursues Sam in the race.
tx 27 January 2000

2.09 [untitled]
The twins meet two new characters, Stevie and Spot.
tx 01 February 2000

2.10 [untitled]
Bad-tempered Stevie the donkey attacks Dad and Sam, and the twins return Spot to his spooky owner.
tx 03 February 2000

2.11 [untitled]
The Home Farm bed-and-breakfast venture is launched.
tx 08 February 2000

2.12 [untitled]
Sam and AJ rescue Spot, and the twins ask Dotty Miller if they can look after Stevie the donkey.
tx 10 February 2000

2.13 [untitled]
The twins try to help the troublesome Stevie.
tx 15 February 2000

2.14 [untitled]
Sam and Spot go missing in the days running up to the Open Day at the donkey sanctuary.
tx 17 February 2000

2.15 [untitled]
The twins spy on their B&B guest and find a fluffy duckling to look after.
tx 22 February 2000

2.16 [untitled]
The twins take part in a demo, and Mr Sheridan loses his car and Streaky the kestrel.
tx 24 February 2000

2.17 [untitled]
The twins find squirrels in the cafe's loft. Mr Winter is on the warpath.
tx 29 February 2000

2.18 [untitled]
Helen and Hannah are hot on the trail of a biscuit thief. David is offered a brilliant photography job.
tx 02 March 2000

2.19 [untitled]
Helen and Hannah attempt to find the biscuit thief who has been stealing from their mother's café.
tx 07 March 2000

2.20 [untitled]
The twins go camping and find a bedraggled pony.
tx 09 March 2000

2.21 [untitled]
The twins look for a safe place for a neglected pony.
tx 14 March 2000

2.22 [untitled]
The twins come to the rescue of a neglected Shetland pony, and their father reports the matter to the RSPCA - causing the owner to take a drastic course of action.
tx 16 March 2000

2.23 [untitled]
The twins rescue a baby rabbit from a wild dog.
tx 21 March 2000

2.24 [untitled]
The girls befriend a holidaymaker who has lost his dog.
tx 23 March 2000

2.25 [untitled]
The farmers continue their search for the wild dog.
tx 28 March 2000

2.26 [untitled]
AJ helps Jason to search for his dog. The girls must return their baby rabbit to the wild. Mum and Dad reveal their big secret.
tx 30 March 2000

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