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What is it?
What is it?
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Never heard of it! Here's a rundown.

Follow the twins' adventures around the local countryside in this welcome re-showing of the first series. Dramatised by Elly Brewer from the Home Farm books by Jenny Oldfield.

The Moore family have moved from London to the country village of Doveton. Hannah (Polly Duniam) is a dreamer and an idealist - much more 'girly' than her tomboy sister Helen (Sophie Duniam), who is
also more outspoken, daring and sarcastic.

The girls get to know the locals. There's Sam (Ben Evans) from Crackpot Farm who teases them for being 'townies' but still loves to join in their adventures. Then there's older girl Laura (Sarah Coombes) who lives at Doveton Manor when she's not at boarding school.

The twins' mum, Mary (Jacquetta May) makes great cakes at the Curlew Cafe, while her husband David (Martin Ball) is a wildlife photographer